Ortiz Tractor Service specializes in onsite and offsite grading and site preparation

Offsite and onsite grading
Grading Curb and gutter
Mass grading for commercial and residential
precise grading (Blue Top)
Street improvements
Custom Home Grading
Base import and compaction
Over-excavation for pads
Demolition (Hard and Soft)
Lot Recertification
Slope Repairs/trenching/backfilling
Soils dewatering

Our fleet of equipment includes Scrappers, Wheel Loaders, Skip Loaders, Backhoes, Graders, Kubota's, Bobcats, Breakers, Blades, dump trucks / End dumps

Ortiz Construction Services

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Ortiz Tractor Service, Inc.
7161 McNeil Lane
Buena Park, Ca 90620
714-522-3994 phone
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Contractor License # 429887